Who we are

VConnect Media is an image management and communication firm where we work hard to build your public image and highlight your strengths. Every day we are driven by an irresistible urge to do bold work for our clients and develop an ecosystem that consistently helps both of us succeed because, at VConnect, we believe in growing together.

We consistently push ourselves to discover gripping ways to differentiate, to move ahead and build new roads making sure that we stay ahead in trends to drive growth for our clients. We also keep an eye on competition and market changes that come across our way every day.

Social Media Marketing

Connecting you to world with the small world of web as the web is where the globe lives

Public Relation

Publishing needs, leave it to us and we make sure that you are read in newspapers well

Content Writing

We help you choose the right word so that you communicate the right message

Video Marketing

Offering you the right tool for making that perfect clip you can showcase everywhere


Count on us when it comes to hosting an event. We make it happen as the most happening thing that happened

Media Consultancy

For when you need advice on how to make yourself visible and make your brand popular, we are here

Our Skills

While it seems that we’re smart enough but we would want you to know what skills we possess and how that will help us both in achieving our goals. But that’s not it. We are hungry for learning new skills and foolish enough to try anything new. Because we believe in what Steve Jobs says “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".

Media Relation 84%
Work Ethic 89%
Technical Adaption 78%
Creativity 82%


VConnect Media is a new endeavor fueled with highly active and energetic youngsters. I am very proud that Megha and Shilpa have taken up a step ahead in their career and I am sure that they will succeed. Wishing them all the luck and success.

I just want to share a quick note that you guys do a really good job and it is a pleasure to work with you guys. The skills and your ability to connect with people will definitely take you miles on the path of success. I wish you guys all the very best!

Client satisfaction

We have had an experience of service provided by VConnect. We have observed that after hiring VConnect services our visibility has increased and we have got success in establishing proper communication with our clients. I wish Ms. Shilpa, Megha for all success in their endeavors in media management and public relation services.

-Sunil Deshpande, IQMR

Video Description

Simon O. Sinek is a British-American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant. His TED talk is ‘One of the 20 most popular TED talks of all time’. Having authored four books, Simon, in his talk cites example of Apple, a company that often touted its tendency to challenge the status quo and “think different” instead of solely focusing on its products’ features.